MI-DICE Project

MI_DICE is a Pilot Action to support market uptake of disruptive energy technologies.

Pre-selected H2020 projects have been supported at early-stage research (TRL3/4) with a systemic approach to commercialization. The approach complements developments in the technology dimension (the TRL) with Intellectual Property (IP), market, access to finance, as well as regulation/legislation.

A stage-gate methodology is followed. The first stage established the path to commercialization (Feasibility Study), after which a decision is taken by DG RTD about the progress or termination of the selected Project.

If green light is given, selected Projects will develop along the technology as well as the other dimensions. Progress and probability for impact in the
market will be (re-)assessed every six months and another gate decision will be taken by DG RTD.

MI_DICE will support the Feasibility Study as well as subsequent stages with proven tools and experienced experts.

At each step of the stage gating process, insights and lessons learnt with respect to market uptake will be shared with DG RTD.