AseBio Green Innovation Forum 2020

AseBio Green Innovation Forum is the new name of the old Forum of Agrobiotechnology and Circular Bioeconomy, aligning with the name of the national and European recovery programs for a new green and sustainable economic growth.

Organized by AseBio, the Spanish Association of Bio-companies, its objective was to stimulate this recovery agenda that promotes and renews Spain’s commitment to science and innovation, as well as connecting it with strategic industrial areas with great transformative capacity and impact on the lives of people. AseBio Green Innovation Forum offered the opportunity to learn in detail how biotechnology provides solutions to all these challenges and to connect with industry, academia and the public sector. Stakeholders from different sector were held during these 3 days:

  • Biotechnology sector: companies and research institutions
  • Companies from other industrial sectors
  • Public sector: Ministries, Official Bodies, Town Halls.
  • Any body, entity or person with a professional profile interested in connecting with the green economy.

It was a great challenge of turning the scientific knowledge into concrete solutions that respond to the challenges that our society faces. The thematic areas that were discussed are summarized in the following lines:

  • European Green Deal and Agenda 2030
  • Promote an innovative industrial fabric
  • Science-based decision making
  • Public-private collaboration
  • Generate business and collaboration opportunities

For the BACTOFUEL project, it was a great opportunity to show to the audience what we are trying to demonstrate. Furthermore, we could display the commitment of the consortium to accomplish the enormous challenge this project try to fulfil. We highlighted to the audience the options to join the project from now and keep working aligned with the technological part. We harness the one-to-one meetings where we met in contact with potential partners for future phases. We have contacted several engineering companies that have shown their interest in participate in the proposal for the next phases where our aim will be to reach TRL 7-8 in 18-24 months from August 2022.