WEBINAR SERIES: BACterial conversion of CO2 and renewable h2 into bioFUEL

BACterial conversion of CO2 and renewable H2 inTO bioFUEL

The BACTOFUEL project aims to demonstrate at TRL5 (technology readiness level) the possibility to produce biofuels (butanol & ethanol) to be used in the transport sector from CO2, genetically modified bacteria, H2O, Atomic quantum clusters and sunlight, by coupling several disciplines: nanotechnology (in the use of atomic quantum clusters), biotechnology (in the use of biochemical processes to transform CO2 and h2 into biofuels from a genetically modified microorganism using CRISPR-Cas), chemical engineering (coupling technologies and demonstrating it), and economy (in the use of a tech-to-market plan to work in advance and boost future steps towards commercialisation). 

The consortium of BACTOFUEL project invites you to participate in a free series of 6 webinars entitled:         

An introduction to the modelling of atomic quantum clusters: Presented by QingQing Wu, Research Associate at Lancaster University, Monday 14th at 11-11:30 am CET.
 Subnanometric clusters: exciting materials at the transition from nanoparticles to atoms: Presented by Prof Arturo López Quintela, Full Professor of Physical Chemistry at USC-Spain, Monday 14th at 12:30-13 pm CET.
Testing of photocatalytic systems to produce h2: Presented by Anh Dung Nguyen, Research Assistant at Technische Universität Berlin, Tuesday 15th from 11-11:30 am CET.
Metabolic engineering of acetogens for fuel production: Presented by Eric Vossen, PhD candidate at Wageningen University, Wednesday 16th from 14-14:30 pm CET.
Electro-biocatalytic approaches for CO2 Capture & Utilization: Presented by Dr Deepak Pant,Senior Scientist at VITO, Thursday 17th from 11-11:30 am CET.
MI-DICE -BACTOFUEL projects: how to boost technology to the market: Feasibility study and Tech-to-market plan: Presented by Kamil Szydłowski, Public & Regulatory Affairs Manager (Central and Eastern Europe) at EIT Innoenergy and Ignacio Herráez, Chemical engineer at NANOGAP, Friday 18th from 11:30-12 am CET

Don’t miss the chance to participate in any of the small webinars (half an hour each) you are interested in. We will be delighted to explain to you more in detail about what we are developing within the BACTOFUEL project. For more information and a description of the project, please see the e-brochure.

Please consult the instructions below for information on how to connect for the live webinar. You will need a computer with stable internet access. If you do not have access to the internet, please contact us so we can provide you with the presentation file to follow along.

The webinar will be delivered through the Zoom web conferencing software. The webinar platform may prompt you to download a free add-in. Follow the instructions on-screen to install.

Monday 14th:
Join Zoom meeting An introduction to the modelling of atomic quantum clusters:

Meeting ID: 945 4314 0210
Code Access: 9BPME0

Join Zoom meeting Subnanometric clusters: exciting materials at the transition from nanoparticles to atoms

Meeting ID: 936 9847 9183
Code Access: 4TmBQk

Tuesday 15th:
Join Zoom meeting Testing of photocatalytic systems to produce h2

Meeting ID: 941 4693 6305
Code Access: 4aA81y

Wednesday 16th:
Join Zoom meeting Metabolic engineering of acetogens for fuel production

Meeting ID: 980 4016 0198
Code Access: 2BpbWw

Thursday 17th:
Join Zoom meeting Electro-biocatalytic approaches for CO2 Capture & Utilization

Meeting ID: 927 8502 3818
Code Access: 5PKwtc

Friday 18th:
Join Zoom meeting MI-DICE – BACTOFUEL projects: how to boost technology to the market: Feasibility study and Tech-to-market plan

Meeting ID: 978 3815 5576
Code Access: 9duqDY

Unable to attend the live lecture? Lectures will be recorded and archived for later viewing at

If you want to know more about: Atomic quantum clusters Photocatalytic production of h2 from sunlight Bioelectrochemical systems using genetically modified bacteria by CRISPR-Cas Biofuels for the transport sector Business plan, commercial strategies, tools to boost the tech-to-market Don’t miss the opportunity and join the webinars series that BACTOFUEL have organised for the week of 14t-18th. For every discipline within the project, a webinar to explain the challenges BACTOFUEL are facing, next phases and much more! Don’t hesitate to contact us! we look forward to hearing from you!

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