Project meetings

Month 24 Meeting Bac-To-Fuel online 3 December 2020

Today, the consortium of BACTOFUEL project will meet one more time to present the progress done during these last three months. Too many things will be discussed and presented. Universidade de Santiago de CompostelaLancaster UniversityVITOTechnische Universität BerlinWageningen University & ResearchNANOGAP

This time, our advisory board will join us to know the state-of-the-art of the technology and the commercial strategy.

Don’t miss the opportunity to ask any doubts or inquiry about the project! or write us by email: and we will answer you ASAP!

At the end of the day, we will present the dates of the webinars that will be organised for the week of 14th-18! AQCs, h2 production, CRISPR-CAS, Bioelectrochemical systems, fermentation, biofuel production. MI-DICE and Tech-to-market plan!!

What a great team! It was an extraordinary meeting today! I would like to thank all of you for your support, Universidade de Santiago de CompostelaLancaster UniversityTechnische Universität BerlinWageningen University & ResearchVITO and NANOGAP for the work done so far and the efforts you are doing to demonstrate the technology. Some challenges to be faced, but also extraordinary advances! We have done steps ahead, and we are ready to tear down the wall of this disruptive technology that provides another pathway to produce added value biofuels.

Month 18th meeting BAC-TO-FUEL online 11 September 2020

The progress and status of every work package of the project will be presented this friday 11th from 12 am. The following topics will be discussed:
– Synthesis and scale up of AQCs, led by Dr David Buceta, (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela & NANOGAP)
– Theoretical Study of AQCs, led by Prof Colin Lambert (Lancaster University)
– Photocatalysis development, by prof Reinhard Schomaecker (Technische Universität Berlin)
– Bacteria development, led by prof Ruud Weusthuis (Wageningen University & Research)
– Electro-biocatalytic conversion of CO2/H2 into fuels, driven by Dr DEEPAK PANT (VITO)
– Full Process Integration, led by prof Reinhard Schomaecker (Technische Universität Berlin
– Dissemination and Exploitation, led by Ignacio Herráez Chamorro (NANOGAP)

Don’t hesitate to send us your inquiries or comments about any of the topics, or if you want to know more about BACTOFUEL project!
If you want to onboard the advisory board and participate in the next phases of the project, please contact us!

18th month Online Meeting 19 June 2020

Today at 12:30 am, our monthy BAC-TO-FUEL meeting, this time with our Advisory board. We have the pleasure to have with us today Prof. Prashant Kamat from University of Notre Dame, and Dr SSV Ramakumar from the Indian Oil Company. Let’s start! #RenewableHydrogen #biofuel @EUScienceInnov

After quick presentation of BACTOFUEL, we start talking about the progress on WP2. WP2: Synthesis and scale up of AQCs. AQCs are clusters of between 2 and 150 atoms: metal molecule. At this 0.3 to 1.5 nm scale, quantum confinement of electrons and absence of crystalline form results in new and different properties from bulk materials, including conventional nanoparticles. AQC have size dependent properties based on number of atoms, therefore properties can be controlled and tuned. Check it out or to know more about it!

Next workpackage: What about the photocatalytic development of the process? (WP4) WP 4 is managed by Technische Universität Berlin, Prof Schomäcker will talk about the progress on H2 production using just visible sunlight and AQCs! Solar to hydrogen process! We will hear about photocatalyst development and much more! Several parameters on the table (P, T, the kinetics), will the theoretical predictions be the same as the experimental work done so far? Let’s hear from him!

BACTOFUEL is a disruptive technology that links h2 production with biofuel production. This is thanks to a family of bacterias that are able to be fed in a biorreactor by H2 and CO2 to produce added value products, fuels, to be used in transportation sector. These bacterias are enhanced by CRISPRCas-Tool to increase the efficiency of the production. This astonishing work is managed by Wageningen University & Research. Eric Vossen will do a masterclass on the work done so far within WP5: Genetic modification of bacteria!. The floor is yours!

After a quick break, we come back with VITODEEPAK PANT will talk about the progress on WP6, “Electro-biocatalytic conversion of CO2/H2 into fuels”. Effects of H2 diffusion in pure and mixed culture, improvements on the gas transfer, generation and supply to bioreactor, the progress on the design of the bioreactor, ongoing & future research… and much more! Go ahead Deepak!

We almost arrive to the end of the meeting! Now it is time again for Technische Universität Berlin to explain the progress on Process Scalabaility, WP 7. Prof Schomäcker explains the status of the life cycle assessment. Just thinking the complexity of couple the two parts of the project in just one perfect engine! Amazing theoretical results, we can’t wait to see the tests!!

Finally, everybody are waiting for the WP of Dissemination and Exploitation! Now it is time for Ignacio Herráez Chamorro that will talk about the progress done on dissemination activities and Exploitation part. Publications, events, future webinars and much more! Improvements and steps forward on the business model, market research done so far, improvements on feasibility study and on the tech-to-market designed with the support of @Kamil Szydłowski and his team (@Marcin Lewenstein, @Dominic Buchholz and @Arne Lorenz, among others) on behalf EIT InnoEnergy. Extraordinary roadmap and timeline approach, as well as the financial plan made by Jesús Peleteiro Suárez. Great progress! For sure BAC-TO-FUEL will succed! #Biofuelss #renewableenergies #h2020 #europeanunion