We have designed in collaboration with Innoenergy the tech-to-market plan that would need to follow to boost the commercialisation of the project faster!

As part of the Exploitation and Dissemination plan within Bactofuel project, a tech-to-market plan was defined with the help of Innoenergy, framed within the MI-DICE project. 9 disciplines were developed, each one of them to contribute to define and assure that the steps that the project need to follow are in concordance and are aligned within the current market, and the current status of the technology.

These 9 approaches are defined, it should be compared each other throughout the timeline of the project (along the duration of BACTOFUEL project), and should promote the collaboration between the consortium, academia, general audience and stakeholders. It should determine as well the possible mitigations and risks that the project could face, and consider the possible valleys of death in order to overcome it.

The purpose of every discipline is to be used as a backup to enhance and promote the business plan. It has been created 5 stages reviews to assess the progress and expectations within the commercial part. These 5 stage gates reviews are summarized in:

If we could overcome every stage gate and we are able to describe the TEA at the end of the project, the expected roadmap for the next phases would be like: