Presentations and Posters

Oral Presentations:

  • Birdja, Y., Bulut, M., Vaes, J. and Pant. D. (2019). Development and upscaling of gas diffusion electrodes for wastewater treatment and electrosynthesis of chemicals. Symposium on Insights into Gas Diffusion Electrodes: From Fundamentals to Industrial Applications. Magdeburg, Germany, September 23 – 25, 2019.
  • Herráez, I. (2020). BACTOFUEL project within the presentations of companies /projects. Green innovation Forum organised by the spanish association of biotech companies. 24,25,26th November 2020. Minute 53:30 onwards.
  • Peleteiro, J. (2019). Bacterial conversion of CO2 and renewable H2 into biofuels. Paving the way towards clean energy and fuels in Europe. Talks with research, industry and EU Member States on bioenergy, advanced biofuels and renewable fuels. EUBCE, 29th May 2019, Lisbon, Portugal.

Poster presentations: